Fresh Garlic Better Health

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Eating fresh garlic may rarely be an option for many people. Due to the stinging smell and very distinctive, garlic is more often consumed in the form of seasoning.

However, if you want to get more benefits from garlic, begin to consider eating it directly in the form of intact and fresh. According to a study published the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, fresh garlic would probably give greater benefits for health compared to onions that have been processed or mixed with other ingredients.

The amount of the benefits of fresh garlic Japanese researchers revealed that compared fresh garlic with garlic dissolved in water, alcohol, and vegetable oil. With a variety of presentation methods, the researchers would like to extent its influence on the materials or content key in garlic called allicin.

Allicin is the active chemical in garlic that causes tuber crops is a very distinctive smell. These compounds are also known to have efficacy as a germ killer or antibacterial. Some research suggests allicin helps fight infection and fight bacteria that cause toxins in food. Other research also indicates that the chemical content of these help resolve blood clots and block certain types of cancer.

Despite having many benefits, allicin is also known fragile and evaporate in quick time. The fact is what makes experts question whether various storage methods would affect the content or presentation of allicin in garlic.

The results in the laboratory showed that served fresh garlic tends to be more stable and secure than its allicin content of garlic is preserved. Garlic stored in water at room temperature recorded better than onions are stored in the vegetable oil.

Allicin levels decreased by half after being stored for six days dalah water, but the storage of vegetable oil can reduce levels of allicin in garlic in just a few hours. Pembunu chemical content of the bacteria also decreased levels along with reduced levels of allicin. However, the researchers believe the allicin transformed into other chemical constituents that still has mamfaat for health.

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