Cucumber paced a skin

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Who the hell do not want to have a clean and smooth skin? One that makes our skin smooth is the adequacy of fluid. Moreover, if the liquid it contains vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin.
Cucumber skin is a very important part because it contains many minerals, including silica. Therefore, when peeled cucumbers should not eat them, but simply washed with running water. 

Materials are combined with cucumber is also a fruit that contains a lot of water and potassium, as well as cucumbers. Actually very tasty cucumbers combined with oranges. However, if the skin type of acne, citrus is not recommended for consumption. So, if you've been using it to mask, this time try to eat them as a juice. Delicious, really.
Cucumber Carrot Juice Material: 1 large cucumber fruit (3 small pieces) 1 carrot same size 2 stalks celery 1 apple (any kind) A little ginger Method: Once all the material is washed, cut into pieces, use a juicer to take the juice. Pour into a glass, ready to drink.
Cucumber juice Bengkoang Material: 1 large cucumber fruit 1 medium-size fruit bengkoang 10 strawberries Method: Bengkoang Peel, wash clean. Washed cucumbers and strawberries. Cut into pieces all the ingredients needed. Enter into the juicer one at a time, pour into glasses. Ready to serve. @
Watermelon Cucumber juice 1 large cucumber fruit 1 cup watermelon pieces (including a layer of white meat) 1 carrot
Method: After the cucumbers and carrots washed, cut into pieces, put into the juicer. Last is the watermelon. Prepare a cup, pour juice, ready to drink.

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Cucumber paced a skin

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Cucumber paced a skin

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Cucumber paced a skin

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