Smooth Skin with Milk Collagen

Written By rajablos on Selasa, 28 Juni 2011 | 17.13

Drink milk for healthy bones, it's normal anyway. What is special is that if we drink a glass of milk can make the skin more supple and smooth.

     Many factors can cause premature skin aging symptoms, such as weather and environmental influences as well as lack of nutrition into the body due to a diet.

     "Women who are dieting are often concerned about their skin looks dull and dry due to lack of nutrition intake. Therefore we present WRP equipped with the latest variant of collagen," said Jodie O'tania, Public Relations Manager of PT. Nutrifood Indonesia.

     WRP Vanilla Peach will be the newest lady friend is in addition to low-fat is also enriched with substances that are good for the skin, such as vitamins C and E, as well as collagen. As we know, collagen serves to maintain the strength and elasticity of skin. While vitamin C and E play a role in inhibiting the occurrence of premature aging.

     Added by Jodie, WRP Peach Vanilla is not only intended for those who are in a diet program, but also for every woman who cares about their skin health.

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Smooth Skin with Milk Collagen

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Smooth Skin with Milk Collagen

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Smooth Skin with Milk Collagen

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